Upcoming Events


The following engagements are those which are open to the public, private gigs are omitted at our clients request. Get last minute info. and details on the Halo Hotline.

(412) 734-4200


Sat., August 16th… St. Boniface Northside Summer Celebration.
Sun., August 17th … Meadowlands Car Cruise.
Fri., August 22nd… Brookville Fair Grounds. 7:30-8:30 and 9-10PM.
Sat., 23rd… Wes Banco Arena in Wheeling WV. With the El Reys, Show is from 6pm-10:30PM. Tickets are $30/person and Advance Reservations are required. Call the Arena Box Office for tickets at 304.233.4470
Sun., August 31st… Good Samaratin in Ambridge. 7-8 and 8:30-9:30 PM.


Sat., 6th... Bronx Field in WestView. Music starts at noon. More info to follow

More to follow!!!



Hey Soul Patrol!!! Breaking News!!! I'm back on the air with my Heavenly Soul Show. Sunday nights at 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM. I will be starting my radio show on the Carolina Breeze Sunday, September 29, 2013...that's this coming Sunday night. Since this is internet radio, it is now world wide!!! All you need to do is go to your computer and go to www.thecarolinabreeze.com a 7:00 PM EST and we are connected. I would love for all of my friends and Soul Patrol to tune in. I'll be playing all of my favorite SOUL, R&B, DooWop and Rock and Roll. I will be playing many of the interviews I did with my friends in the business and reminiscing my experiences in the business. You can send your requests and dedications to jasoulpatrol@aol.com. Later Gator, Johnny

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The following businesses have been extremely generous to Johnny Angel and the Halos. We appreciate any patronage you give to our friends that support and promote our efforts...
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Remember the 50's, 60's and the Gold Old Days? So does Johnny Angel. Check him out at his new store at 3623 California Avenue Northside Pa 15212. or visit him on the web at www.jaginchystuff.com.

Looking for help on your next event? Try our friends at Pierce Events. Let them make your next event a blast. Visit them at http://www.pierceevents.net/.

Are you looking for great sound and lighting for a show or corporate conference? Check out the Halos preferred vendor, Halo Sound . Visit them at http://www.halosoundpro.com/for info.

3WS Radio
, 94.5 FM Pgh., PA

Tom Friday's Market on California Avenue. The Best Sausage and ham in town! 3639 California Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212 412.766.4500
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8am - 6pm Tuesday - Thursdays - Saturday - 8am - 5pm

Atria's Restaurant... Check out one of their 6 great locations and tell them The Halos sent ya!

Labas Chiropractic Center
Rt. 19N. in Cranberry (724) 779-1955
Dr. Jibbo will rock your bones when with the Halos but will aid your weary bones in his office!
Are you an up and coming star? Do you wanna be? Go see our friends at Steel City Improv. Classes start in January 2011. Visit them at www.steelcityimprov.com/
Tell them the Halos sent ya!

Thank you for your patronage and support!!!